This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

EventLogEntry Properties

The EventLogEntry type exposes the following members.

Protected property CanRaiseEvents Gets a value indicating whether the component can raise an event. (Inherited from Component.)
Public property Category Gets the text associated with the CategoryNumber property for this entry.
Public property CategoryNumber Gets the category number of the event log entry.
Public property Container Gets the IContainer that contains the Component. (Inherited from Component.)
Public property Data Gets the binary data associated with the entry.
Protected property DesignMode Gets a value that indicates whether the Component is currently in design mode. (Inherited from Component.)
Public property EntryType Gets the event type of this entry.
Public property EventID Obsolete. Gets the application-specific event identifier for the current event entry.
Protected property Events Gets the list of event handlers that are attached to this Component. (Inherited from Component.)
Public property Index Gets the index of this entry in the event log.
Public property InstanceId Gets the resource identifier that designates the message text of the event entry.
Public property MachineName Gets the name of the computer on which this entry was generated.
Public property Message Gets the localized message associated with this event entry.
Public property ReplacementStrings Gets the replacement strings associated with the entry.
Public property Site Gets or sets the ISite of the Component. (Inherited from Component.)
Public property Source Gets the name of the application that generated this event.
Public property TimeGenerated Gets the local time at which this event was generated.
Public property TimeWritten Gets the local time at which this event was written to the log.
Public property UserName Gets the name of the user who is responsible for this event.