Working with Settings

By adjusting settings, you can customize the integrated development environment (IDE) to better match your development style. This section contains information about how to apply, export, and import settings. You can also find general information about how settings work and the kinds of items that can be customized through settings. In addition, you can learn how to specify a set of settings for team use.

Visual Studio Settings

Learn about how settings work in Visual Studio.

How to: Share Settings Between Computers or Visual Studio Versions

Learn how to export settings from one computer to be imported for use on another computer that is running Visual Studio.

How to: Change Select Settings

Learn how to import a subset of settings from another settings combination and then apply those settings to customize the IDE.

How to: Specify Settings for a Team

Learn how to have multiple computers apply the same settings every time that Visual Studio starts.

Import and Export Settings Wizard

Learn more about the various pages available in the Import and Export Settings wizard.

How to: Reset Your Settings

Learn how to overwrite your current settings by using a new settings combination.

Import and Export Settings, Environment, Options Dialog Box

Learn about how you can customize the settings feature.

Customizing the Development Environment

Contains information about how to customize the Dynamic Help window and toolbars, start other applications from the IDE, export and import settings, and make other personalizations to the IDE for your convenience and productivity.

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