CSimpleException Class
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CSimpleException Class

This class is a base class for resource-critical MFC exceptions.

class AFX_NOVTABLE CSimpleException : public CException

CSimpleException is the base class for resource-critical MFC exceptions and handles the ownership and initialization of an error message. The following classes use CSimpleException as their base class:

CMemoryException Class

Out-of-memory exception

CNotSupportedException Class

Requests for an unsupported operation

CResourceException Class

Windows resource not found or not creatable

CUserException Class

Exception that indicates a resource could not be found

CInvalidArgException Class

Exception that indicates an invalid argument

Because CSimpleException is an abstract base class, you cannot declare a CSimpleException object directly. Instead, you must declare derived objects such as those in the previous table. If you are declaring your own derived class, use the previous classes as a model.

For more information, see the CException Class topic and Exception Handling (MFC).

Header: afx.h

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