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Retrieves the code for the DLL class object.

      function GetCodeForDllGetClassObject(   


The zero-based line number for the start of the function.

The zero-based line number for the end of the function.

A string containing the code for getting the class object.

Call this member function to retrieve the code for the class object. Calling this function creates a single string by concatenating the array elements you specify.

The following table shows code for getting the code for the class object:

Line numberCode
1if (S_OK == _AtlModule.GetClassObject(rclsid, riid, ppv))
2\treturn S_OK;
3return AfxDllGetClassObject(rclsid, riid, ppv);

For each of the lines returned, GetCodeForDllGetClassObject adds a leading tab (\t) and a trailing "CR-LF" (carriage return - linefeed) character pair (\r\n).

// Get the lines numbered 1 and 2 above  
GetCodeForDllGetClassObject(1, 2)  
// returns the following string  
// "\tif (S_OK == _AtlModule.GetClassObject(rclsid, riid, ppv))\r\n\t\treturn S_OK;\r\n"  

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