This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Major Changes from Visual C++ 6.0 to Visual C++ .NET

Microsoft Visual C++ .NET provides many new features and improvements.

In This Section

Managed Code and Targeting the .NET Framework
Provides links to Managed Extensions for C++ and Visual C# documentation.
Attributed Programming
Describes what attributes are and what you can do with them.
C++ Compiler, Linker, and C++ Language
Provides links and updated information about the compiler, linker, build tools, and C++ language features in Visual C++ .NET.
Provides information about the Visual Studio debugger and links to related topics.
Development Environment
Describes changes in the development environment in Visual C++ .NET.
Resource Editors
Discusses the Image Editor toolbar and the Text Tool dialog box.
Provides links to new content in the Visual C++ libraries, including the Active Template Library (ATL), ATL Server, C Run-Time Library, Microsoft Foundation Class Library, OLE DB Templates, Shared Classes, and the Standard C++ Library.
Deployment and Redistribution of an Application
Provides links to deployment and redistribution information for Visual Studio .NET.
Visual C++ .NET Samples
Provides links to the samples that are provided with Visual C++ .NET.

Related Sections

Visual C++ .NET 2003 Frequently Asked Questions
Answers questions about what's new in Visual C++ .NET 2003.
Getting Started
Provides links to areas that help you get started with Visual C++.
Porting and Upgrading
Provides links to topics describing how to create your projects for portability to other languages and platforms and how to upgrade your projects to conform to the current release of Visual C++.
Creating and Managing Visual C++ Projects
Provides links to topics describing how to use application and code wizards to create your own projects and how to employ property pages to manage your projects.
Visual C++ Reference
Provides links to topics describing the C and C++ language references, the libraries provided with Visual C++, the Visual C++ Extensibility Model, and the Microsoft Macro Assembler (MASM).
Introducing Visual Studio .NET
Describes the complete set of development tools that all use the same integrated development environment (IDE), allowing them to share tools and facilitates in the creation of mixed-language solutions.