Compiler Error C2682

cannot use casting_operator to convert from 'type1' to 'type2'

A casting operator tried to convert between incompatible types. For example, you cannot use the dynamic_cast operator to convert a pointer to a reference. The dynamic_cast operator cannot be used to cast away qualifiers. All qualifiers on the types must match.

You can use the const_cast operator to remove attributes such as const, volatile, or __unaligned.

The following sample generates C2682:

// C2682.cpp
class A { virtual void f(); };
class B: public A {};

void g(A* pa) {
    B& rb = dynamic_cast<B&>(pa); // C2682

The following sample generates C2682:

// C2682b.cpp
// compile with: /clr
ref struct R{};
ref struct RR : public R{};
ref struct H {
   RR^ r ;
   short s;
   int i;

int main() {
   H^ h = gcnew H();  
   interior_ptr<int>lr = &(h->i);
   interior_ptr<short>ssr = safe_cast<interior_ptr<short> >(lr);   // C2682
   interior_ptr<short>ssr = reinterpret_cast<interior_ptr<short> >(lr);   // OK

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