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Run-Time Routines by Category


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This section lists and describes Microsoft run-time library routines by category. For reference convenience, some routines are listed in more than one category. Multibyte-character routines and wide-character routines are grouped with single-byte – character counterparts, where they exist.

This section also provides .NET Framework equivalent methods or classes where available.

The main categories of Microsoft run-time library routines are:

Argument AccessBuffer Manipulation
Byte ClassificationCharacter Classification
Data AlignmentData Conversion
Debug RoutinesDirectory Control
Error HandlingException Handling Routines
File HandlingFloating-Point Support
Input and OutputInternationalization
Memory AllocationProcess and Environment Control
RobustnessRun-Time Error Checking
Searching and SortingString Manipulation
System CallsTime Management

C Run-Time Library Reference