This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

General User Interface Elements (Visual Studio)

This section describes elements of the integrated development environment (IDE) that are not associated with any particular feature.

About Dialog Box (Visual Studio)

Provides information about Visual Studio and about the computer that it is running.

Microsoft Visual Studio Recovered Files

Describes the dialog box that lets you recover files that were unsaved at the time of an unexpected IDE event.

Integrated Development Environment Web Browser

Describes the Web browser that is available in the IDE.

Properties Window

Displays properties for projects, files, controls, and fields in IDE windows and designers.

Proxy Server Authentication Dialog Box

Lets you set user credentials to be passed to a proxy server when you access Online Help.

Visual Studio Image Library

Explains what the image library is and how you can use it.

Start Page

Describes the default Visual Studio Start Page.

Visual Studio Commands and Switches

Contains language reference topics that explain how to interact with the IDE by typing commands in the Command window and the Find/Command box.

Language Equivalents

Shows how each programming language structures its common syntax elements.

Visual Studio XML Reference

Contains topics about various XML schemas that are available in Visual Studio.


Contains topics about MSBuild.

Product Support and Accessibility

Provides information about keyboard shortcuts and how you can contact Microsoft.

Automation and Extensibility Reference

Contains language reference topics about the automation model for the IDE. Includes the automation model for debugging.

Reference (Visual Studio)

Includes user interface reference, language reference, error message, and other reference topics that apply to all products that are hosted in the IDE.