Input/Output Alternatives


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Visual C++ provides several alternatives for I/O programming:

  • C run-time library direct, unbuffered I/O.

  • ANSI C run-time library stream I/O.

  • Console and port direct I/O.

  • Microsoft Foundation Class Library.

  • Microsoft Standard C++ Library.

The iostream classes are useful for buffered, formatted text I/O. They are also useful for unbuffered or binary I/O if you need a C++ programming interface and decide not to use the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) library. The iostream classes are an object-oriented I/O alternative to the C run-time functions.

You can use iostream classes with the Microsoft Windows operating system. String and file streams work without restrictions, but the character-mode stream objects cin, cout, cerr, and clog are inconsistent with the Windows graphical user interface. You can also derive custom stream classes that interact directly with the Windows environment.

What a Stream Is