Advanced Reading for the .NET Framework

This section of the documentation covers advanced programming subjects related to the .NET Framework.

Dynamic Programming in the .NET Framework

Provides information about reflection, reflection emit, the dynamic language runtime (DLR), dynamic source code generation and compilation, and the Code Document Object Model (CodeDOM).

Add-ins and Extensibility

Provides information about using the add-in model for extensible applications.

Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)

Describes the basics of using the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) to enable extensible applications.


Describes services provided by the .NET Framework for interaction with COM components, COM+ services, external type libraries, and many operating system services.

Memory Management and Garbage Collection in the .NET Framework

Discusses how the garbage collector manages memory and how you can program to use memory more efficiently.

Unmanaged API Reference

Includes information on unmanaged APIs that can be used by managed-code-related applications, such as runtime hosts, compilers, disassemblers, obfuscators, debuggers, and profilers.

XAML Services

Discusses System.XAML, which is an assembly that implements XAML services for the .NET Framework.

.NET Framework Class Library

Supplies syntax, code examples, and related information for each class that is contained in the .NET Framework namespaces.

.NET Framework Development Guide

Provides a guide to all key technology areas and tasks for application development, including creating, configuring, debugging, securing, and deploying your application, and information about dynamic programming, interoperability, extensibility, memory management, and threading.