Designing Classes and Types (Class Designer)


Using Class Designer, you can not only visualize classes and types, but design them as well. The following topics describe how to do this.


When working with the Class Designer, you should inspect the code it emits before executing it in order to verify that the code is appropriate for your security context.

In This Section

How to: Create Types by using Class Designer

Describes how to use the Class Diagram to create a type.

How to: Create Inheritance Between Types (Class Designer)

Explains how to define an inheritance relationship between types.

How to: Create Associations Between Types (Class Designer)

Describes how to define associations in the class diagram.

How to: Visualize a Collection Association (Class Designer)

Explains how to define a collection association in the Class Designer.

Creating and Configuring Type Members (Class Designer)

Provides information and links to topics about creating and configuring type members with the Class Designer.