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Expand All Receiving an FSCTL_SRV_ENUMERATE_SNAPSHOTS Function Code

This is a request to enumerate the available previous versions for a share. The server MUST return an enumeration of available previous versions, as specified in section The NumberOfSnapshots MUST contain the total number of previous versions that are available for the volume and NumberOfSnapshotsReturned contains the number of entries that are returned in this enumeration. If MaxDataCount is not large enough to hold all of the entries, then the server SHOULD return zero entries. The value returned in SnapShotArraySize MUST be the size required to receive all of the available previous versions. If the MaxDataCount of the request is smaller than the size of an FSCTL_ENUMERATE_SNAPSHOTS response, then the server MUST fail the request with STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER. When sending the response to the client, the server SHOULD NOT <137>include any additional data after NT_Trans_Data in the FSCTL_SRV_ENUMERATE_SNAPSHOTS response (as specified in section and the client MUST ignore any additional data on receipt.

If the server does not support this operation, then it SHOULD fail the request with STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED.

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