This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Reference (Visual Basic)

This section provides links to reference information about various aspects of Visual Basic programming.

Visual Basic Language Reference

Provides reference information for various aspects of the Visual Basic language.

Visual Basic Command-Line Compiler

Provides links to information about the command-line compiler, which provides an alternative to compiling programs from the Visual Studio IDE.

.NET Framework Reference Information (Visual Basic)

Provides links to information on working with the .NET Framework class library.

Visual Basic Language Specification

Provides links to the complete Visual Basic language specification, which contains detailed information on all aspects of the language.


This namespace contains classes for the Visual Basic Power Packs controls. Visual Basic Power Packs controls are additional Windows Forms controls.


This namespace provides a component that enables you to print a facsimile of the form as it appears on screen.

General User Interface Elements (Visual Studio)

Contains topics for dialog boxes and windows used in Visual Studio.

Visual Studio XML Reference

Provides links to topics on various XML schemas available in Visual Studio.

Language Equivalents

Compares keywords, programming concepts, data types, operators, controls, and programmable objects in several programming languages.

Automation and Extensibility Reference

Provides links to topics covering automation and extensibility in Visual Studio, for both shared and language-specific components.