This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CGopherLocator Class

Gets a gopher "locator" from a gopher server, determines the locator's type, and makes the locator available to CGopherFileFind.


The classes CGopherConnection, CGopherFile, CGopherFileFind, CGopherLocator and their members have been deprecated because they do not work on the Windows XP platform, but they will continue to work on earlier platforms.

class CGopherLocator : public CObject

An application must get a gopher server's locator before it can retrieve information from that server. Once it has the locator, it must treat the locator as an opaque token.

Each gopher locator has attributes that determine the type of file or server found. See GetLocatorType for a list of types of gopher locators.

An application normally uses the locator for calls to CGopherFileFind::FindFile to retrieve a specific piece of information.

To learn more about how CGopherLocator works with the other MFC Internet classes, see the article Internet Programming with WinInet.

Header: afxinet.h