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Image Web Server Control Overview

Image Web Server Control Overview

The Image Web server control allows you to display images on an ASP.NET Web page and manage these images in your own code.

You can specify the graphics file for an Image control at design time or at run time programmatically. You can also bind the control's ImageUrl property to a data source to display graphics based on database information.

Unlike most other Web server controls, the Image control does not support any events. For example, the Image control does not respond to mouse clicks. Instead, you can create an interactive image by using the ImageMap or the ImageButton Web server controls.

In addition to displaying a graphic, the Image control allows you to specify various types of text for the image, such as the following:

  • ToolTip   This is the text that is displayed in a ToolTip in some browsers.

  • AlternateText    This is the text that is displayed if the graphics file cannot be found. If no ToolTip property is specified, some browsers will use the AlternateText value as a ToolTip.

  • GenerateEmptyAlternateText   If this property is set to true, the alt attribute of the rendered image element will be set to an empty string.

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