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Sets the options for this CRichEditCtrl object.

      void SetOptions(
   WORD wOp,
   DWORD dwFlags 


Indicates the type of operation. One of the following values:

  • ECOOP_SET   Set the options to those specified by dwFlags.

  • ECOOP_OR   Combine the current options with those specified by dwFlags.

  • ECOOP_AND   Retain only those current options that are also specified by dwFlags.

  • ECOOP_XOR   Retain only those current options that are not specified by dwFlags.


Rich edit options. The flag values are listed in the Remarks section.

The options can be a combination of the following values:

  • ECO_AUTOWORDSELECTION   Automatic word selection on double-click.

  • ECO_AUTOVSCROLL   Automatically scrolls text to the right by 10 characters when the user types a character at the end of the line. When the user presses the ENTER key, the control scrolls all text back to position zero.

  • ECO_AUTOHSCROLL   Automatically scrolls text up one page when the user presses the ENTER key on the last line.

  • ECO_NOHIDESEL   Negates the default behavior for an edit control. The default behavior hides the selection when the control loses the input focus and shows the selection when the control receives the input focus. If you specify ECO_NOHIDESEL, the selected text is inverted, even if the control does not have the focus.

  • ECO_READONLY   Prevents the user from typing or editing text in the edit control.

  • ECO_WANTRETURN   Specifies that a carriage return be inserted when the user presses the ENTER key while entering text into a multiple-line rich edit control in a dialog box. If you do not specify this style, pressing the ENTER key sends a command to the rich edit control's parent window, which mimics clicking the parent window's default button (for example, the OK button in a dialog box). This style has no effect on a single-line edit control.

  • ECO_SAVESEL   Preserves the selection when the control loses the focus. By default, the entire contents of the control are selected when it regains the focus.

  • ECO_VERTICAL   Draws text and objects in a vertical direction. Available for Asian languages only.

For more information, see EM_SETOPTIONS in the Windows SDK.


// Add auto horizontal and vertical scrolling. 
m_myRichEditCtrl.SetOptions(ECOOP_OR, ECO_AUTOVSCROLL | 


Header: afxcmn.h