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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Deployment Walkthroughs

The following topics provide step-by-step examples of some common deployment scenarios.

In This Section

Deploying a Windows Application
Guides you through deploying an application to another computer.
Deploying a Web Solution
Guides you through deploying a Web application to a Web server.
Creating and Consuming a Merge Module
Guides you through packaging a component in a merge module and then including the merge module in an installer.
Creating a Cab File
Guides you through distributing an ActiveX control.
Creating a Custom Action
Guides you through creating a custom action to send a user to a Web site following installation.
Passing Data to a Custom Action
Demonstrates passing data to a dynamic property during installation using a custom action and the CustomActionData property.
Using a Custom Action to Pre-Compile an Assembly During Installation
Guides you through creating a custom action to pre-compile an assembly after installation.
Using a Custom Action to Create a Database During Installation
Guides you through creating a custom action to create a database during installation.
Redirecting an Application to Target a Different XML Web Service During Installation
Demonstrates how to create a Web application that can be redirected to target a different XML Web service by using the URL Behavior property, an Installer class, and a Web Setup project.

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Deployment Concepts
Provides links to topics on various concepts related to deployment.
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