This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Code and Text Printing Issues

When you print code, text, forms, and so forth, colorized elements automatically print in color if your printer supports color printing and if color printing is enabled in the printer setup.

The font and coloration of items that display in the Code Editor and that print on the printer, however, can differ. The Fonts and Colors dialog box, which is in the Environment node of the Options command on the Tools menu, allows you to select fonts and colors for items that display in the Code Editor and fonts and colors that take effect when printing. Because these settings can differ, the output might differ from what you see displayed in the Code Editor. For more information about these options, see Fonts and Colors, Environment, Options Dialog Box.

If you have line numbers enabled in the Code Editor, the line numbers will not print unless you select the Line numbers check box in the Page Setup dialog box on the File menu.

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