This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

References to Declared Elements 

When your code refers to a declared element, the Visual Basic compiler matches the name in your reference to the appropriate declaration of that name. If more than one element is declared with the same name, you can control which of those elements is to be referenced by qualifying its name.

In This Section

Resolving a Reference When Multiple Variables Have the Same Name

Discusses how the compiler matches a reference to a declaration.

How to: Qualify a Declared Element Name

Explains how to qualify an element name to facilitate a reference match.

How to: Distinguish Between Two Elements with the Same Name

Describes how to qualify an element name when calling it to enable the Visual Basic compiler to match your reference to the desired element.

Shadowing in Visual Basic

Describes the treatment of elements with the same name.

Related Sections

Declared Element Names

Describes how to name elements and use alphabetic case.

Declared Element Characteristics

Covers characteristics, such as scope, possessed by declared elements.