Call this member function to remove a tool tip from the screen if a tool tip is currently displayed.

static void PASCAL CancelToolTips( 
   BOOL bKeys = FALSE  


TRUE to cancel tool tips when a key is pressed and set the status bar text to the default; otherwise FALSE.


Using this member function has no effect on tool tips managed by your code. It only affects the tool tip control managed by CWnd::EnableToolTips.

// In this example, tool tips were set up to 
// pop up when the user moves the mouse 
// over this edit control. 
// If the mouse is moved to the upper left-hand 
// corner, the tool tip would disappear because of 
// calling CancelToolTips. 
void CMyEdit::OnMouseMove(UINT nFlags, CPoint point) 
   CRect corner(0, 0, 10, 10);
   if (corner.PtInRect(point))
   CEdit::OnMouseMove(nFlags, point);

Header: afxwin.h

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