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Enumerates the various line numbers contained in the data source.

IDiaEnumLineNumbers : IUnknown  

The following table shows the methods of IDiaEnumLineNumbers.

IDiaEnumLineNumbers::get__NewEnumRetrieves the IEnumVARIANT Interface version of this enumerator.
IDiaEnumLineNumbers::get_CountRetrieves the number of line numbers.
IDiaEnumLineNumbers::ItemRetrieves a line number by means of an index.
IDiaEnumLineNumbers::NextRetrieves a specified number of line numbers in the enumeration sequence.
IDiaEnumLineNumbers::SkipSkips a specified number of line numbers in an enumeration sequence.
IDiaEnumLineNumbers::ResetResets an enumeration sequence to the beginning.
IDiaEnumLineNumbers::CloneCreates an enumerator that contains the same enumeration state as the current enumerator.

This interface is obtained by calling one of the following methods in the IDiaSession interface:

This example shows how to obtain the IDiaEnumLineNumbers interface from a session. In this case, the example shows how to get the line number enumeration for a function (represented by pSymbol). For a more complete example of using line numbers, see the IDiaLineNumber interface.

void dumpFunctionLines( IDiaSymbol* pSymbol, IDiaSession* pSession )  
    ULONGLONG length = 0;  
    DWORD isect = 0;  
    DWORD offset = 0;  
    pSymbol->get_addressSection( &isect );  
    pSymbol->get_addressOffset( &offset );  
    pSymbol->get_length( &length );  
    if ( isect != 0 && length > 0 )  
        CComPtr< IDiaEnumLineNumbers > pLines;  
        if ( SUCCEEDED( pSession->findLinesByAddr(  
                                      static_cast<DWORD>( length ),  
                                      &pLines )  
            // Do something with the enumeration  

Header: Dia2.h

Library: diaguids.lib

DLL: msdia80.dll

Interfaces (Debug Interface Access SDK)