DuplicateWaitObjectException Constructor (String, String)


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Initializes a new instance of the DuplicateWaitObjectException class with a specified error message and the name of the parameter that causes this exception.

Namespace:   System
Assembly:  mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

Public Sub New (
	parameterName As String,
	message As String


Type: System.String

The name of the parameter that caused the exception.

Type: System.String

The message that describes the error.

The content of the parameterName and message parameters is intended to be understood by humans. The caller of this constructor is required to ensure that these strings have been localized for the current system culture.

An exception that is thrown as a direct result of a previous exception should include a reference to the previous exception in the InnerException property. The InnerException property returns the same value that is passed into the constructor, or a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) if the InnerException property does not supply the inner exception value to the constructor.

The following table shows the initial property values for an instance of DuplicateWaitObjectException.




A null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic)


The error message string.


The parameter name string.

.NET Framework
Available since 1.1
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