This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

<soapExtensionImporterTypes> Element

This topic is specific to a legacy technology. XML Web services and XML Web service clients should now be created using Windows Communication Foundation .

Specifies, for Web service clients only, SOAP extension importer classes, which extend the client proxy generation process.

   <add type="soap extension class" 

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements.



Child Elements

Child Element Description


Adds a specified SOAP extension importer class, which extends the client proxy generation process.


Removes a specified SOAP extension importer class from within the scope of the configuration file.


Removes all SOAP extension importers from a Web service's list of supported extensions.

Parent Elements

Element Description


The root element in every configuration file used by the common language runtime and .NET Framework applications.


Specifies the root element for the ASP.NET configuration section.


Controls the settings of Web services deployed using ASP.NET and of Web service clients running on the .NET Framework.

The <soapExtensionImporterTypes> element specifies classes derived from the SoapExtensionImporter class. When a proxy class that uses a service description format extension (SDFE) is being generated, the ImportMethod method of each importer class is called once for each Web method within a Web service class.