Connection Arrival

When the underlying RDMA transport indicates arrival of a new remote peer connection to a listening endpoint, the listener MUST:

  • Create a new Connection.

  • Set Connection.Role to "PASSIVE".

  • Start a Negotiation Timer interval of 5 seconds.

  • Assign a new Connection.Endpoint and accept the connection in an implementation-defined manner.

  • Post at least one receive buffer of at least 512 bytes, and terminate the connection if it fails, else:

    • Determine an initial value for Connection.ReceiveCreditMax, Connection.SendCreditTarget, Connection.MaxSendSize, Connection.MaxFragmentedRecvSize, Connection.MaxReceiveSize, Connection.MaxReadWriteSize and Connection.KeepaliveInterval.<7>

    • Set Connection.KeepaliveRequested to "NONE".

    • Set Connection.Protocol, Connection.SendCredits and Connection.ReceiveCredits to 0.

    • Set Connection.SendQueue and Connection.FragmentReassemblyBuffer to empty.

  • Notify the upper layer of the new Connection.