JavaScript Run-time Errors
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JavaScript Run-time Errors


JavaScript run-time errors are errors that occur when your script attempts to perform an action that the system cannot execute. You may see run-time errors when variable expressions are being evaluated or memory is being allocated.

If you are using Windows Runtime APIs in your Windows 8.x Store app, you may see JavaScript errors that have been converted from Windows Runtime HRESULTs. Windows Runtime HRESULTs in the range over 0x80070000 are converted to JavaScript errors by taking the hexadecimal value of the low bits and converting it to a decimal. For example, the HRESULT 0x80070032 is converted to the decimal value 50, and the JavaScript error is SCRIPT50. The HRESULT 0x80074005 is converted to the decimal value 16389, and the JavaScript error is SCRIPT16389.

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