Processing a Participant-Created PDU

The receiver of the Participant-Created PDU (OD_PARTICIPANT_CREATED) (section MUST verify the common header for consistency (section If the PDU size is not long enough to contain all the fields in the message, the connection SHOULD be terminated.<17>

After the header is validated, the receiver MUST validate the Name field according to the rules specified in section

If the IS_PARTICIPANT flag is set, the recipient SHOULD remember this information because it indicates that the message refers to the participant itself.<18>

If the IS_PARTICIPANT flag is not set, this indicates that the message refers to a participant other than the recipient of the message.

If the GroupId field is not zero, the recipient SHOULD use this information to identify the group to which the user belongs.<19>

If the receiver wants to use the Participant list facilities of this protocol, it SHOULD process the information according to section