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MSChart Control Properties, Methods, and Events

MSChart Control Properties, Methods, and Events

Visual Studio .NET 2003


ActiveSeriesCount Property

AllowDithering Property

AllowDynamicRotation Property

AllowSelections Property

AllowSeriesSelection Property

AutoIncrement Property

Backdrop Property

BorderStyle Property (ActiveX Controls)

CausesValidation Property (ActiveX Controls)

Chart3d Property

ChartData Property

ChartType Property

Column Property (MSChart Control)

ColumnCount Property

ColumnLabel Property (MSChart)

ColumnLabelCount Property

ColumnLabelIndex Property

Container Property (ActiveX Controls)

Data Property (MSChart)

DataBindings Property (ActiveX Controls)

DataGrid Property

DataMember Property (ActiveX Controls)

DataSource Property (ActiveX Controls)

DoSetCursor Property

Drag Method (ActiveX Controls)

DragIcon Property (ActiveX Controls)

DragMode Property (ActiveX Controls)

DrawMode Property (MSChart)

Enabled Property (ActiveX Controls)

Footnote Property

FootnoteText Property

Height, Width Properties (ActiveX Controls)

HelpContextID Property (ActiveX Controls)

hWnd Property (ActiveX Controls)

Index Property (ActiveX Controls)

Left, Top Properties (ActiveX Controls)

Legend Property

MousePointer Property (MSChart)

Name Property (ActiveX Controls)

Object Property (ActiveX Controls)

OLEDragMode Property (ActiveX Controls)

OLEDropMode Property (ActiveX Controls)

Parent Property (ActiveX Controls)

Plot Property

RandomFill Property

Repaint Property

Row Property (MSChart)

RowCount Property (MSChart)

RowLabel Property (MSChart)

RowLabelCount Property

RowLabelIndex Property

SeriesColumn Property

SeriesType Property

ShowLegend Property

Stacking Property

TabIndex Property (ActiveX Controls)

TabStop Property (ActiveX Controls)

Tag Property (ActiveX Controls)

TextLengthType Property

Title Property (MSChart)

TitleText Property

ToolTipText Property (ActiveX Controls)

Visible Property (ActiveX Controls)

Visible Property (MSChart)

WhatsThisHelpID Property (ActiveX Controls)


Drag Method (ActiveX Controls)

EditCopy Method

EditPaste Method

GetSelectedPart Method

Layout Method

Move Method (ActiveX Controls)

OLEDrag Method (ActiveX Controls)

Refresh Method (ActiveX Controls)

SelectPart Method

SetFocus Method (ActiveX Controls)

ShowWhatsThis Method (ActiveX Controls)

ToDefaults Method

TwipsToChartPart Method

ZOrder Method (ActiveX Controls)


AxisActivated Event

AxisLabelActivated Event

AxisLabelSelected Event

AxisLabelUpdated Event

AxisSelected Event

AxisTitleActivated Event

AxisTitleSelected Event

AxisTitleUpdated Event

AxisUpdated Event

ChartActivated Event

ChartSelected Event

ChartUpdated Event

Click Event (ActiveX Controls)

DataUpdated Event

DblClick Event (ActiveX Controls)

DonePainting Event

DragDrop Event (ActiveX Controls)

DragOver Event (ActiveX Controls)

FootnoteActivated Event

FootnoteSelected Event

FootnoteUpdated Event

GotFocus Event (ActiveX Controls)

KeyDown, KeyUp Events (ActiveX Controls)

KeyPress Event (ActiveX Controls)

LegendActivated Event

LegendSelected Event

LegendUpdated Event

LostFocus Event (ActiveX Controls)

MouseDown, MouseUp Events (ActiveX Controls)

MouseMove Event (ActiveX Controls)

OLECompleteDrag Event (ActiveX Controls)

OLEDragDrop Event (ActiveX Controls)

OLEDragOver Event (ActiveX Controls)

OLEGiveFeedback Event (ActiveX Controls)

OLESetData Event (ActiveX Controls)

OLEStartDrag Event (ActiveX Controls)

PlotActivated Event

PlotSelected Event

PlotUpdated Event

PointActivated Event

PointLabelActivated Event

PointLabelSelected Event

PointLabelUpdated Event

PointSelected Event

PointUpdated Event

SeriesActivated Event

SeriesSelected Event

SeriesUpdated Event

TitleActivated Event

TitleSelected Event

TitleUpdated Event

Validate Event (ActiveX Controls)

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