Called by the framework in response to a container's IViewObjectEx::QueryHitPoint request.

virtual BOOL OnQueryHitPoint(
   DWORD dwAspect,
   LPCRECT pRectBounds,
   POINT ptlLoc,
   LONG lCloseHint,
   DWORD* pHitResult 


Specifies how the object is represented. Valid values are taken from the enumeration DVASPECT or DVASPECT2.


Pointer to a RECT structure specifying the bounding rectangle of the OLE control client area.


Pointer to the POINT structure specifying the point to be checked for a hit. The point is specified in OLE client area coordinates.


The distance that defines "close" to the point checked for a hit.


Pointer to the result of the hit query. One of the following values:

  • HITRESULT_OUTSIDE   ptlLoc is outside the OLE object and not close.

  • HITRESULT_TRANSPARENT   ptlLoc is within the bounds of the OLE object, but not close to the image. For example, a point in the middle of a transparent circle could be HITRESULT_TRANSPARENT.

  • HITRESULT_CLOSE   ptlLoc is inside or outside the OLE object but close enough to the object to be considered inside. Small, thin, or detailed objects may use this value. Even if a point is outside the bounding rectangle of an object it may still be close (this is needed for hitting small objects).

  • HITRESULT_HIT   ptlLoc is within the image of the object.

Nonzero if a hit result is successfully returned; otherwise 0. A hit is an overlap with the OLE control display area.

Queries whether an object's display rectangle overlaps the given point (hits the point). QueryHitPoint can be overridden to test hits for non-rectangular objects.

Header: afxctl.h

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