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Filtering and Sorting in Datasets

Visual Studio .NET 2003

After filling a dataset, you will often find it useful to work with different subsets of records in a table, or to view the data in a different order. You can do so by filtering and sorting the data in the dataset. To simplify this process, you can create data views, which provide objects that incorporate filter and sort criteria, and which you can use as the source for data binding.

The topics in this section describe options for filtering and sorting and instructions for performing these actions on data in a dataset.

In This Section

Introduction to Filtering and Sorting in Datasets
Provides an overview of how you can add filtering (selecting) and sorting in a dataset, both by calling data table methods and by using data view.
Adding Data Views to a Form or Component
Describes how to add and configure data views at design time.
Filtering and Sorting Data Using Data Views
Describes how to set data view properties to sort and filter data from a data table.
Filtering And Sorting Directly in Data Tables
Describes how to create lists of sorted or filtered records from a data table, without using a data view.
Working with Records in Data Views
Describes how to edit, insert, and delete records via a data view.
Creating and Working with Data View Managers
Describes how to create a data view manager, which provides centralized access to sorted and filtered views of all the tables in a dataset.

Related Topics

DataView Class
Provides reference information about the DataView class and links to topics about each member of the class.
Populating a DataSet from a DataAdapter
Describes how to call data-adapter methods to execute SQL commands that provide the data for a dataset.
Adding Data to a Table
Describes how to programmatically create rows in dataset tables.
Data Binding and Windows Forms
Lists topics that provide information on how to bind controls in Windows Forms to data, including to data views.
Data Access in Web Forms Pages
Lists topics that provide information on how to bind controls in Web Forms pages to data, including to data views.
Walkthrough: Creating a Master-Detail Windows Form
Shows how to use a data view filter to get child record from a designated parent record.
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