This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Remoting Samples

These samples show how to establish communication between objects that run in different processes.

Custom Proxies Technology Sample

Demonstrates how user code gains access to the messages that will be transported to and from any remote object.

Remoting Generics Technology Sample

Demonstrates the use of generics with remoting.

Remoting IpcChannel Technology Sample

Shows how to use the IpcChannel class.

Remoting Secure Channels Technology Sample

Demonstrates secure channel capabilities.

Remoting Cross AppDomains

Shows how to use .NET Remoting to communicate between AppDomains.

Remoting IpcChannel with Custom ACL Sample

Shows how to set a custom ACL on the IpcChannel in .NET Remoting to limit access to the channel to specific users.

Using Generics in Remoting Through Configuration

Shows the specific syntax that must be followed in client and server configuration to use generics with .NET Remoting.

Remoting Through Configuration

Demonstrates how to implement late binding to any managed assembly with public classes and methods.