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Microsoft Specific

Returns the lower 64 bits of source argument in the lower 64 bits of the result.

__m128i _mm_setl_epi64( 
   __m128i Value 

[in] Value

An __m128i structure to use to initialize the result.

An __m128i structure containing the result.




x86 with SSE2 support, x64

Header file <intrin.h>

The high 64 bits of the result are undefined.

This routine is only available as an intrinsic.

// _mm_setl_epi64.cpp
// processor: x86, x64
#include <intrin.h>
#include <stdio.h>

#pragma intrinsic(_mm_setl_epi64)

int main()
    __m128i m;
    m.m128i_i64[0] = 100;
    m.m128i_i64[1] = 200;

    m = _mm_setl_epi64(m);
    // Return to floating point (x86 only)
#ifdef _M_IX86
    printf_s("%I64d \n", m.m128i_i64[0]);

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