This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Security Portal

Security is about controlling access to resources, such as application components, data, and hardware. As you plan your application, keep in mind its security requirements over its lifetime. This topic provides you with access to security topics covering that span — both the coding phase and the application's deployment. It also points you to resources on how to secure systems in general.

In This Section

Security Fundamentals
Provides links to fundamental security concepts, including secure coding techniques.
Securing Applications
Provides links to application domain-specific security topics.
Maintaining Security
Provides links to topics that discuss the need to monitor deployed applications for new security threats and new security flaws.
Security Bibliography
Provides a bibliography of books and Web sites that cover the topic of security, including Windows security and .NET security.

Related Sections

Security Best Practices
Provides information for Windows developers about best practices for secure software. You can find Windows API information on the following security technologies:
  • Authentication — Microsoft authentication technologies, including Credentials management and WinLogon.
  • Authorization — Microsoft authorization technologies used to control access.
  • Cryptography — Services that enable developers to add security based on cryptography to applications.
  • Network Security — Information on network security based on predefined and custom security packages.
Database Security
Describes Visual SourceSafe (VSS) security considerations for administrators.