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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

2.4.2 sections Construct

The sections directive identifies a noniterative work-sharing construct that specifies a set of constructs that are to be divided among threads in a team. Each section is executed once by a thread in the team. The syntax of the sections directive is as follows:

#pragma omp sections [clause[[,] clause] ...] new-line
   [#pragma omp section new-line]
   [#pragma omp section new-line 
      structured-block ]

The clause is one of the following:




reduction(operator: variable-list)


Each section is preceded by a section directive, although the section directive is optional for the first section. The section directives must appear within the lexical extent of the sections directive. There is an implicit barrier at the end of a sections construct, unless a nowait is specified.

Restrictions to the sections directive are as follows:

  • A section directive must not appear outside the lexical extent of the sections directive.

  • Only a single nowait clause can appear on a sections directive.

  • private, firstprivate, lastprivate, and reduction clauses, see Section 2.7.2 on page 25.