OUT Channel Response

The OUT channel response is sent in both success and failure cases. In success case, the header fields of the HTTP response to the OUT channel request are as follows:

Content-Length: MUST be set to an implementation-specific value in the inclusive range of 128 kilobytes to 2 gigabytes.<10>

Content-Type: MUST be set to the string literal "application/rpc".

Status Line: [RFC2616] section 6.1 specifies that the status line be composed of three nonspace subfields:

  • HTTP-Version: MUST be the character sequence HTTP/1.1.

  • Status-Code: MUST be the character sequence 200.

  • Reason-Phrase: MUST be the character sequence Success.

In a failure case, the format of the OUT channel response is the same as the IN channel response as defined in section of this specification.