Parameter Attributes


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The following attributes apply to parameters of a method in a class or interface.

customLets you define your own attribute.
defaultvalueAllows specification of a default value for a typed optional parameter.
first_isSpecifies the index of the first array element to be transmitted.
iid_isSpecifies the index of the first array element to be transmitted.
immediatebindIndicates that the database will be notified immediately of all changes to a property of a data-bound object.
inIndicates that a parameter is to be passed from the calling procedure to the called procedure.
last_isSpecifies the index of the last array element to be transmitted.
lcidLets you pass a locale identifier to a function.
length_isSpecifies the number of array elements to be transmitted.
max_isDesignates the maximum value for a valid array index.
optionalSpecifies an optional parameter for a member function.
outIdentifies pointer parameters that are returned from the called procedure to the calling procedure (from the server to the client).
rangeSpecifies a range of allowable values for arguments or fields whose values are set at run time.
refIdentifies a reference pointer.
retvalDesignates the parameter that receives the return value of the member.
satypeSpecifies the data type of the SAFEARRAY structure.
size_isSpecifies the size of memory allocated for sized pointers, sized pointers to sized pointers, and single- or multidimensional arrays.
uniqueSpecifies a unique pointer.

Attributes by Usage