Application Developer's Guide

This section provides information for developing Microsoft ASP.NET Web applications that use mobile Web pages (mobile Web Forms pages). The topics in this section help you learn about how to work with ASP.NET mobile controls, about how to determine the software configuration that you need to develop mobile controls, and about the desktop simulators that are available for developing and testing mobile controls.

This guide provides a reference section that describes each control and the properties and events you can use with the control to customize software for specific devices.

Developing ASP.NET Mobile Web Pages

Provides guidelines for creating Web applications with mobile Web pages: the life cycle of an ASP.NET mobile control, error reporting, control and element reference, and accessing data.

Designing an ASP.NET Web Application

Describes best practices for designing Web applications for mobile Web pages.

Managing Adaptive Error Reporting in ASP.NET Mobile Web Pages

Provides an overview of error reporting in ASP.NET and how it relates to mobile Web pages.

Viewing ASP.NET Mobile Web Pages

Describes various ways to test and view your application using emulators, browsers, and wireless devices.

Redirecting to an ASP.NET Mobile Web Page

Explains how an application with pages for both desktop and mobile browsers redirects mobile device users to the mobile pages of an ASP.NET Web site.

Understanding State Management in ASP.NET Mobile Web Pages

Discusses the differences between state management for ASP.NET Web server controls and for ASP.NET mobile controls. This section also describes controlling sessions and views.

Accessing Data Using Listing Controls

Describes the ASP.NET mobile controls available for accessing databases.

Designing Secure Mobile Web Form Pages

Describes how to use the IIS and Microsoft .NET Framework security infrastructure for mobile Web pages.

Executing ASP.NET Mobile Controls Side-By-Side

Describes how to use different versions of the .NET Framework.


Provides guidelines for designing ASP.NET mobile Web pages.

Mobile Device Capabilities

Describes the querying capabilities unique to wireless devices and the device capabilities features relevant to ASP.NET mobile controls.

Device-Specific Composition

Describes how to write controls that compose differently for specific devices.