The MAINTENANCE_MODE_TYPE enumeration defines the possible states in which this resource in the storage class can be placed when marked for maintenance. <5>

The valid constant values for MAINTENANCE_MODE_TYPE are as follows. The server MUST return only these values. All other values are reserved.

 typedef  enum 
   MaintenanceModeTypeDisableIsAliveCheck = 1,
   MaintenanceModeTypeOfflineResource = 2,
   MaintenanceModeTypeUnclusterResource = 3

MaintenanceModeTypeDisableIsAliveCheck:  Indicates that the server is ignoring the result of the resource's health check.

MaintenanceModeTypeOfflineResource:  Indicates that the server has internally performed the operations to bring the storage resource to the ClusterResourceOffline state without changing the client visible state of the resource.

MaintenanceModeTypeUnclusterResource:  Indicates that the server has released ownership of the storage resource. ClusAPI Protocol version 2.0 servers do not support this value.