AuthenticationOption Enumeration

Specifies the remote procedure call (RPC) authentication mechanism. Applicable only when the ActivationOption is set to Server.

Namespace: System.EnterpriseServices
Assembly: System.EnterpriseServices (in system.enterpriseservices.dll)

public enum class AuthenticationOption
/** @attribute SerializableAttribute() */ 
public enum AuthenticationOption
public enum AuthenticationOption

 Member nameDescription
CallAuthenticates credentials at the beginning of every call. 
ConnectAuthenticates credentials only when the connection is made. 
DefaultUses the default authentication level for the specified authentication service. In COM+, this setting is provided by the DefaultAuthenticationLevel property in the LocalComputer collection. 
IntegrityAuthenticates credentials and verifies that no call data has been modified in transit. 
NoneAuthentication does not occur. 
PacketAuthenticates credentials and verifies that all call data is received. 
PrivacyAuthenticates credentials and encrypts the packet, including the data and the sender's identity and signature. 

The following code example demonstrates the use of this enumeration in conjunction with the ApplicationAccessControlAttribute attribute.

// Set component access controls.

// Set component access controls.
/** @assembly ApplicationAccessControl(Authentication = 
        AuthenticationOption.Privacy, ImpersonationLevel = 
        ImpersonationLevelOption.Identify, AccessChecksLevel = 

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