We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Customizing the Editor's Features and Options

To customize the features and options of the Code Editor, select Options on the Tools menu.

  • In Environment, General, the settings for MDI and Tabbed Documents environment affect how the Code Editor is displayed:
    • Tabbed Documents   Windows in the document or non-floating tool windows appear as tabs in the MDI space rather than being cascaded or tiled.
    • MDI   All open windows are docked together.

    For more information, see General, Environment, Options Dialog Box.

  • The Text Editor, General folder has settings that apply to the general actions and view of the Code Editor. The folders under Text Editor allow you to tailor the settings on a per-language basis. Selecting an option in the All Languages folder selects the same option for all languages, saving you from having to set it manually in each language's folder. Using the settings in these folder combinations, you can tailor the look and behavior of the environment. For example, you could enable virtual space for all languages except Visual Basic and have separate tab settings for each language. For more information, see General, Text Editor, Options Dialog Box.
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