CDocObjectServerItem Class


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Implements OLE server verbs specifically for DocObject servers.

class CDocObjectServerItem : public COleServerItem  

Protected Constructors

CDocObjectServerItem::CDocObjectServerItemConstructs a CDocObjectServerItem object.

Public Methods

CDocObjectServerItem::GetDocumentRetrieves a pointer to the document that contains the item.

Protected Methods

CDocObjectServerItem::OnHideThrows an exception if the framework tries to hide a DocObject item.
CDocObjectServerItem::OnShowCalled by the framework to make the DocObject item in-place active. If the item is not a DocObject, calls COleServerItem::OnShow.

CDocObjectServerItem defines overridable member functions: OnHide, OnOpen, and OnShow.

To use CDocObjectServerItem, assure that the OnGetEmbeddedItem override in your COleServerDoc-derived class returns a new CDocObjectServerItem object. If you need to change any functionality in your item, you can create a new instance of your own CDocObjectServerItem-derived class.

For further information on DocObjects, see CDocObjectServer and COleCmdUI in the MFC Reference. Also see Internet First Steps: Active Documents and Active Documents.






Header: afxdocob.h

Constructs a CDocObjectServerItem object.

CDocObjectServerItem(COleServerDoc* pServerDoc, BOOL bAutoDelete);


A pointer to the document that will contain the new DocObject item.

Indicates whether the object can be deleted when a link to it is released. Set the argument to FALSE if the CDocObjectServerItem object is an integral part of your document's data. Set it to TRUE if the object is a secondary structure used to identify a range in your document's data that can be deleted by the framework.

Retrieves a pointer to the document that contains the item.

COleServerDoc* GetDocument() const;  

Return Value

A pointer to the document that contains the item; NULL if the item is not part of a document.


This allows access to the server document that you passed as an argument to the CDocObjectServerItem constructor.

Called by the framework to hide the item.

virtual void OnHide();


The default implementation throws an exception if the item is a DocObject. You cannot hide an active DocObject item because it takes the whole view. You must deactivate the DocObject item to make it disappear. If the item is not a DocObject, the default implementation calls COleServerItem::OnHide.

Called by the framework to instruct the server application to make the DocObject item in-place active.

virtual void OnShow();


If the item is not a DocObject, the default implementation calls COleServerItem::OnShow. Override this function if you want to perform special processing when opening a DocObject item.

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