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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Provides stream-oriented diagnostic output in text form for the elements of your collection when overridden.

template<class TYPE>
void AFXAPI DumpElements(
   CDumpContext& dc,
   const TYPE* pElements,
   INT_PTR nCount 


Dump context for dumping elements.


Template parameter specifying the type of the elements.


Pointer to the elements to be dumped.


Number of elements to be dumped.

The CArray::Dump, CList::Dump, and CMap::Dump functions call this if the depth of the dump is greater than 0.

The default implementation does nothing. If the elements of your collection are derived from CObject, your override will typically iterate through the collection's elements, calling Dump for each element in turn.

For information on diagnostics and on the Dump function, see Debugging MFC Applications.

Header: afxtempl.h