Application Settings for Windows Forms


The Applications Settings feature of Windows Forms makes it easy to create, store, and maintain custom application and user preferences on the client. With Application Settings, you can store not only application data such as database connection strings, but also user-specific data, such as toolbar positions and most-recently used lists.

In This Section

Application Settings Overview

Discusses how to create and store settings data on behalf of your application and your users.

Application Settings Architecture

Describes how the Application Settings feature works, and explores advanced features of the architecture such as grouped settings and settings keys.

Application Settings Attributes

Lists and describes the attributes that can be applied to an application settings wrapper class or its settings properties.

Application Settings for Custom Controls

Discusses what must be done to give your custom controls the ability to persist application settings when hosted in third-party applications.

How to: Create Application Settings

Demonstrates creating new application settings that are persisted between application sessions.

How to: Validate Application Settings

Demonstrates validating application settings before they are persisted.

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