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Differences from Other Implementations

Microsoft Specific

The following list shows some differences between Microsoft C++ and other compilers. Note that this list will change in future versions of the compiler.

  • The compiler cannot instantiate a template outside of the module in which it is defined.
  • Templates cannot be used with functions declared with __declspec (dllimport) or __declspec (dllexport).
  • All template arguments must be of an unambiguous type that exactly matches that of the template parameter list. For example:
    template< class T > T check( T );
    template< class S > void watch( int (*)(S) );
    watch( check );     //error

    The compiler should instantiate the check templated function in the form int check( int ), but the inference cannot be followed.

  • Friend functions must be declared before they are used in a templated class. You cannot have a friend function defined within a class definition. This is because the friend function could be a templated function, which would cause an illegal nested template definition.

END Microsoft Specific

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