CWinTraitsOR Class
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CWinTraitsOR Class


This class provides a method for standardizing the styles used when creating a window object.


This class and its members cannot be used in applications that execute in the Windows Runtime.

      template <
DWORD t_dwStyle= 0,
DWORDt_dwExStyle= 0,
class TWinTraits = CControlWinTraits 
class CWinTraitsOR


Default window styles.


Default extended window styles.




Retrieves the extended styles for the CWinTraitsOR object.


Retrieves the standard styles for the CWinTraitsOR object.

This window traits class provides a simple method for standardizing the styles used for the creation of an ATL window object. Use a specialization of this class as a template parameter to CWindowImpl or another of ATL's window classes to specify the minimum set of standard and extended styles to be used for instances of that window class.

Use a specialization of this template if you want to ensure that certain styles are set for all instances of the window class while permitting other styles to be set on a per-instance basis in the call to CWindowImpl::Create.

If you want to provide default window styles that will be used only when no other styles are specified in the call to CWindowImpl::Create, use CWinTraits instead.


Header: atlwin.h

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