This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Runtime Settings Schema

Runtime settings specify how the common language runtime handles garbage collection and the version of an assembly to use in configuration files.

         <qualifyAssembly> Element

Element Description
<assemblyBinding> Contains information about assembly version redirection and the locations of assemblies.
<assemblyIdentity> Contains identifying information about an assembly.
<bindingRedirect> Redirects one assembly version to another.
<codeBase> Specifies where the runtime can find an assembly.
<dependentAssembly> Encapsulates binding policy and assembly location for each assembly.
<developmentMode> Specifies whether the runtime searches for assemblies in directories specified by the DEVPATH environment variable.
<gcConcurrent> Specifies whether the runtime runs garbage collection concurrently.
<probing> Specifies subdirectories that the runtime searches when loading assemblies.
<publisherPolicy> Specifies whether the runtime applies publisher policy.
<qualifyAssembly> Element Specifies the full name of the assembly that should be dynamically loaded when a partial name is used.
<runtime> Contains information about assembly binding and the behavior of garbage collection.

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