MSBuild Reference 

MSBuild is the new build system for Microsoft and Visual Studio. This section contains MSBuild reference information.

In This Section

MSBuild Project File Schema Reference

Describes all of the XML elements that make up the MSBuild file format.

MSBuild Task Reference

Describes some of the common tasks that ship with MSBuild.

MSBuild Conditions

Describes the conditions available in MSBuild files.

MSBuild Conditional Constructs

Describes how to use the Choose, While, and Otherwise elements.

MSBuild Reserved Properties

Describes the MSBuild reserved properties.

MSBuild Command Line Reference

Describes the arguments and switches available for use with MSBuild.exe.

MSBuild .Targets Files

Describes the .Targets files included with MSBuild.

MSBuild Well-known Item Metadata

Lists the metadata that is created with every item.

MSBuild Response Files

Explains the .rsp files that contain command line switches.

Additional Resources for MSBuild

Provides links to MSBuild Web sites and newsgroups.

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