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Call this function to canonicalize a URL, which includes converting unsafe characters and spaces into escape sequences.

      inline BOOL AtlCanonicalizeUrl(
   LPCTSTR szUrl,
   LPTSTR szCanonicalized,
   DWORD* pdwMaxLength,
   DWORD dwFlags = 0 
) throw( );


The URL to be canonicalized.


Caller-allocated buffer to receive the canonicalized URL.


Pointer to a variable that contains the length in characters of szCanonicalized. If the function succeeds, the variable receives the number of characters written to the buffer not including the terminating null character. If the function fails, the variable receives the required length in bytes of the buffer including space for the terminating null character.


Flags controlling the behavior of this function. See ATL_URL Flags.

Returns TRUE on success, FALSE on failure.

Behaves like the current version of InternetCanonicalizeUrl but does not require WinInet or Internet Explorer to be installed.


Header: atlutil.h