This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Project Properties

In functioning as a container, the project manages settings that allow you to control properties that apply to the entire project as well as properties that are limited to certain build configurations of the project.

Properties for the Entire Project

Some properties apply to the entire project. Other properties are applied depending on whether or not you specified customized builds for specific configurations (for example, (Debug/Win32 and Release/Win32). The project template you select defines which properties apply to the entire project and which properties apply to a specific configuration. For more information, see Default and Custom Builds.

The following properties are examples of properties that apply to all of a project's configurations. You can find these properties in the Properties window.

  • Assembly name
  • Project name
  • Project location
  • Startup object
  • Output Type

Properties for Specific Build Configurations

Configuration Settings are those properties that apply exclusively to a specific configuration (for example, Release/Win32) selected for a project. Examples include:

  • Output path or directory
  • Code optimization
  • Generate symbolic debugging information
  • Character set

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