This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Default Project Templates in Visual Studio 

When you create a new project, icons in the New Project dialog box and Add Project dialog box represent the available project types and their templates. The project template that is associated with the project icon you choose determines the output type and other options available for that project.

The following table lists the default types of projects available in Visual Studio.

Project Template Used To Create

Class Library Template

Reusable class or component that can be shared with other projects. This project type is considered windowless and will not contain a Windows Form class. For more information, see Component Classes.

Console Application Template

Command-line application.

Empty Project Template

An empty project. The template creates the necessary file structure needed to store application information; any references, files, or components must be added manually.

Web Control Library Template

Custom control that can be used on Web Forms pages.

Windows Application Template

Traditional standalone Windows application or a rich front-end to a distributed Web application. For more information, see Creating Windows Applications.

Visual Basic noteVisual Basic Note

This replaces the Standard EXE project template in Visual Basic 6.0.

Windows Control Library Template

Custom control to use on Windows Forms. For more information, see Control Authoring for Windows Forms.

Visual Basic noteVisual Basic Note

This project type is analogous to the ActiveX Control project in Visual Basic 6.0.

Windows Service Template

Long running applications that do not have a user interface. Windows Service Applications (formerly called "NT services") can monitor items such as system performance. For more information, see Introduction to Windows Service Applications.

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