We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Insert ActiveX Control Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to insert ActiveX controls into your dialog box while using the Dialog editor.

ActiveX Control

Displays a list of Active X controls. Inserting a control from this dialog box does not generate a wrapper class. If you need a wrapper class, use Class View to create one (for more information, see Adding a Class). If an Active X control does not appear in this dialog box, try installing the control according to the vendor's instructions.


Displays the file in which the ActiveX control is found.

You can place controls in the Toolbox window for easy access. For more information, see Customize Toolbox dialog box.

For information on adding resources to managed projects, please see Resources in Applications in the .NET Framework Developer's Guide. For information on manually adding resource files to managed projects, accessing resources, displaying static resources, and assigning resources strings to properties, see Walkthrough: Localizing Windows Forms and Walkthrough: Using Resources for Localization with ASP.NET.